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As we use the best materials available, our capability of manufacturing eyewear meets the highest standards. Comfort and fashion are one.

Material Application -
We are able to inject eyewear parts with different materials, including PA12(Crystal Nylon), PA66(Nylon/ Polyamide), PC(Polycarbonate), POM(Polyacetal), TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane), TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber) , CP(Cellulose Propionate), Silicon
Plastic Injection -
Our injection machines range from 70 tons to 520 tons. With this capacity, we can produce all eyewear parts including complex over-molded designs.
Silicon Injection -
We obtained the latest liquid silicon injection machine. Now we are able to make high performance silicon parts.TPR material cannot reach this level.


Painting Line -
With three automatic and five manual painting lines, we can meet all color requirements made by customers.
Quality Control -
Each frame is painted in 2-5 layers to meet quality requirements. After that, we do cross hatch + tape pull off, water and moisture resistance, heat cycling and scratch testing.

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